sábado, abril 21, 2007

Señales de tormenta

Inquieto por las señales que he detectado últimamente, he enviado a Rob Larroca ( Hazlo Como Puedas) a junto de un fiel colaborador mío y antiguo miembro de la Academia, espero que él arroje nueva luz sobre estos sucesos.

Nota: Defos es una forma arcaica de Delos.

This is a rough translation of the intro and the dialogue for the non Spanish visitors:

Episode I: Signals of storm

Rob Larroca goes fast to the library / refuge of a collaborator of Patrick Von Steiner, who hides from the Academy, from which he deserted several years ago after discovering their skulduggery. His real name is a mystery and he calls himself the Librarian. Usually Patrick contacts with him by e-mail, but this time is different, he feels that something approaches, a crisis.

The Librarian receives Larroca, whom he knows from an incident in a fair of the book in Santiago de Compostela.

L- Welcome to my temple of knowledge: what worries to my good friend Patrick?

RL- He is afraid that a crisis is coming, he has detected signals that seem to form a pattern and he would like you to verify it.

L- It will be a pleasure, I also have felt more abnormal events than usual. Follow me.

L - My faithful compendium of omens will be very useful.

RL - Do you think that the Academy is planning something?

L - Surely, they already committed the awkwardness of liberating Cthulhu in his attempt to destroy the temple and some news have come to me saying that they are digging in the well to the hell of the Doctor Azzacove.

RL- But that is madness!!

L - It is but that has never stopped the Academy.

RL - Patrick believes that the gray aliens are conspiring with the Academy.

L - I cannot confirm that end but I can affirm with security that the Academy possesses gadgetry of extraterrestrial origin that they use ironically to erase any foreign trace, although normally they choose more pedestrian means as you surely have seen.

RL - Dynamite in bulk, the delicacy is not their fortress.

L - Humm, this looks bad.

RL - What is it?

L - Signs, the return of a starchild, the reopening of an access to Hell …they are signals of a gathering storm, prolegomena of something ominous.

RL - What can we do?

L - Tell Patrick that he should assemble his allies and that he should seek for advice from the members of the Expedition Delos, they will know what must be done.

RL - What type of crisis do we face?

L -The worst of all, someone wants to re-do the world according to his image and resemblance … and there is no place in it for us.

RL - I will warn him immediately.

L - If I find something more I will make it know you.

RL –For Isis.

L –For Isis.

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  1. Macho, estás fatal... Pero nos caes bien!!!

    Un abrazo, tronco.

  2. Chocodelicioso: Farsante! Mentiroso! Falsario!
    No hay duda de que eres un despojo de la Academia, que recurre a la descalificación gratuita y el lenguaje barriobajero - propio de un chiquillo en plena crisis del botellón - para descalificar a Patrick. Tu ardid ha sido inutil, pues te hemos descubierto...
    Ahora mismo no puedo descubrirme, me persiguen sus sabuesos...pero volveré

  3. que le den un oscar YA!!!!!

    Ahh, no, no, que no es esa academia...

  4. El Belicoso Legionario Cantábro 3 y 1/2miércoles, abril 25, 2007

    Estimado Rob:
    Los verdaderos aliados de Patrick correremos raudos a su llamada. Muy pronto empezará la batalla final y los muros de la Academia retumbarán al abrirse las puertas del auténtico conocimiento. Ya no hay sitio para las falacias y las medias verdades, y los enemigos que largamente nos han marginado y despreciado serán, finalmente, conducidos fuera del templo de la sabiduría.
    Muerte a la Academia! Por Isis!

  5. 本当に、ロブさんはいい友達です。。。






  6. Espeluznante¡ dónde vive esta clase de peña: Rob Larroca parece lobotomizado y el tal Bibliotecario es un colgao siniestro. No obstante a éstos tipos les compraría un coche de segunda mano sin dudarlo... uno como Christine!