martes, septiembre 19, 2023

In the Island

Roaring Lion sure has a temper. It's so incredibly easy to provoke him. He is like a teenager on steroids eager to show the World that he is worth of his name. I am pretty sure he is very jealous of all the attention that Rising Phoenix is devoting to me. He can keep saying that I am minor guest in their precious private party and that they didn't have in mind at all when they chose the place to celebrate it, but guess who was waiting for me when I made it to their secret exclusive island that doesn't appear in most maps. Rising Phoenix. Looking radiant in a black and red dress with a generous cleavage and a not less generous cut that showed her long legs. Before I could say a word, she had already hugged me and kissed me. Without missing a beat, she took me inside the big palace where the event would take place holding steady my right hand. She was excited, no doubt. But it seemed quite reasonable to question the motive of her mood. The Philosopher's Stone

I thought that they way she was holding my hand was exxagerated until we got inside the building and were met with a multitude of guests and waiters trying to lead them to their seats. Without her to help me navigate the place, I'd have felt lost. Not only that, but I could meet some of the most importante guests in our way to main table, where the other five members of the inner circle of the Upstarts gathered. Roaring Lion greeted me as harshly as I expected to the amusement of his pals. Rising Phoenix who seemed to be in a state of bliss pointed at a stage in the center of the room and proclaimed loud that very soon we would see the Philosopher's Stone in all its glory.

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May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

lunes, septiembre 18, 2023

Waiting for you

Really, Alice? Maybe my esteemed partner of the High Table of Wisdom Rising Phoenix has an absurd level of interest or even obsession on your persona but I can assure you that we didn't choose the locations for our Party based on your nation. Greece is one of the main births of Western Civilization. I hope you haven't forogotten it during your adventures with that Swiss petty criminal. It makes all the sense that we would pick your country to make a fabulous demonstration of our Philosopher's Stone.

We weren't on the yatch that brings you to the island for a simple reason. There are more in the way. There are more guests, who are far more important than you, and we, the inner circle of the High Table of Wisdom must be here, in the island, making sure that everything is ready for their arrival. This event will be a glorious page in the History of the Academy. A tale for the ages. A true tale, unlike the usual drivel that readers have to endure here.

As I am feeling generous, I will introduce you to the select members of the inner circle of the High Table of Wisdom, the next generation of the Academy:

  • Rising Phoenix
  • Roaring Lion
  • Reigning Eagle
  • Rattling Snake
  • Ravaging Bear
  • Raiding Shark

The Academy will prevail!

domingo, septiembre 17, 2023

The Party Begins

The very private and exclusive party hosted by the group of academics we know as The Upstarts has begun. Every guest, including myself, got a place and a time. Mine was right in my own city. I was picked up by a fancy car and taken to a yatch, where I met other guests. Then it's when I finally found that the party would start at an island and then continue in a luxury ship that would take us along the Greek coast. The island and the ship are owned both by the Academy. I don't think it's coincidence that they have chosen my country for their special event. I am pretty sure they had plenty of places to choose, even some with deep connections with the history of Alchemy and the search of the Philosopher's Stone, the alleged main focus of the party.

As we make our way to the island, an army of waiters offer us food and drinks. Among them, I have already seen friendly faces that, as I had suspected, have made their way into this very private event without needing an invitation. Who I haven't seen thus far is any of the hosts. I assume they are waiting for us at the island. I am as ready as anyone can be and looking forward to meet the rest of the Upstarts. I wonder what colorful nicknames they have. Are all of them animal based?

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May the wise Isis guide and protect you!