domingo, julio 21, 2024

A gathering of homunculus Part 2

Surprised, aren't you? I bet you didn't see this one coming. But if you were as intelligent as you think you are you'd know why I couldn't stay away from this so called gathering of homunculus. The self proclaimed Master of Disguise is a big COWARD and keeps hidden under some rock while the whole world apparently is looking for homunculus made after his sad and ugly appearance. It's clear that having three of them is not enough to make him show his face. Their connection mustn't be strong enough to hurt him.

We need more homunculus, not just to draw him out but to figure how to make him pay for his crimes against us, the High Table of Wisdom, and rightful heirs of the glorious legacy of the Academy. I have chosen this rumored gathering in Las Vegas because Gwen Marsters, the technomage from Bronx, has talked about putting together an army of cyberwarriors. I assume that the best of them will be there. I will show her my power. My dear Alice, you are about to see the biggest show in all the History of Las Vegas, and you won't to have to pay a penny.

Rising Phoenix

The Academy will prevail!

viernes, julio 19, 2024

A gathering of homunculus Part 1

The Upstarts have three. Elysium has an unknown quantity. Arya Darkstorm has one. I think it's our turn. We have been tracking six in Las Vegas. They seem to be atracted to the new shining monolith, where they perform a ritual every night. Their motivation and their connection or lack of with the monolith are still a mystery. What we know for sure is that we aren't the only ones after them. There are all sort of agents in the area following them. Many are freelance mercenaries who work for anyone and even sometimes for several clients at the same time.

The only reason we haven't acted yet is because we have seen this homunculus contacting with others. They are preparing a massive meeting. It's not a secret. Everyone in Las Vegas knows it and is waiting for it to make the move. How many will there be? Who knows? Maybe more than enough for all the interested parties. But we don't want them to fall in the wrong hands. Grey, reptilians, the Academy... anyone of them would use them for all kind of twisted experiments in order to create cannon fodder for their armies. We must prevent this. That's why I am leading a group of cyberwarriors to pick as many homunculus as possible and take them to a safe location, as Chrome Girl, who is already dealing with some nasty lackeys of the Greys.

You can follow and support Chromegirl in the following links:

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!, Gwen Marsters

miércoles, julio 17, 2024

Cuevas en la Luna

Leemos con muchísimo interés que el análisis de los datos recogidos por la misión de la NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter en el 2010 ha descubierto la entrada a una cueva subterránea, y no sería la única en nuestro satélite. A diferencia de la corrupta y decadente Academia, nosotros recibimos los hallazgos que desafían lo que sabíamos hasta entonces con un sonrisa. Durante nuestras peripecias lunares no recuerdo haber topado con cuevas subterráneas, claro que no ayuda el haber pasado dichas visitas combatiendo a todo tipo de criaturas, destacando los mutantes psíquicos. Los medios convencionales señalan estas cuevas como un potencial refugio para los futuros astronautas que vayan a explorar la Luna. Aquí, además nos preguntamos si no estarán ya habitadas. Bien podría haber civilizaciones bajo la superficie de la Luna, escondidas, manteniendo un perfil bajo para evitar ser atrapadas en los conflictos galáticos de los Grises, los reptilianos, la Expedición Delos... Este hallazgo es una razón de peso para volver, pero antes tendremos que resolver este lío de los homúnculos.

¡Por Isis!