jueves, mayo 30, 2013

Huellas alienígenas en Arousa

Desde la isla de Arousa nos llega una prueba incontestable, otra más, de la presencia constante de alienígenas en la Tierra desde el albor de los tiempos. Los mezquinos académicos y sus miserables siervos os dirán que son grabados geométricos que hicieron nuestros antepasados para pasar el tiempo o por algún abstruso ritual que se inventarán a medida que lo expliquen. Nosotros vemos la realidad, la imagen de un OVNI clásico, con una perfección notable. No hay nada más que añadir, están entre nosotros, siempre lo han estado y siempre lo estarán. No estamos solos.
¡Por Isis!

miércoles, mayo 29, 2013

Smoke and mirrors Part I

Credits: Photograpy by John Tsilidis, Model Windy Dim.

The shooting of the movie had been as crazy as one could expect from something titled "Baratu: The crippling menace from the outer realms" It was not the type of films Sarah Devlin planned to do when she moved to Hollywood with her sister, but at first they were her only real opportunities to be an actress and after a while she realised she enjoyed working on them. It helped also the constant support from her sister, a writer of thrillers, who told her again and again that she should be proud of her work. It had been a week since they had last talked as her intrepid sister had started working on a new novel. To get in the mood, she had moved to a expensive hotel that she could afford now thanks to the strong sales of her last two books. She was ready to call a taxi, when the writer, a rather enigmatic man from Romania, approached her agitated with a newspaper. "Your sister is missing!" He said loudly while pointing at her picture in the front page.

She felt like falling from a mountain, breathless. While news about her sister, the famous thriller author Barbara Devlin, spread all over the place, she read the article several times. There was not much info. Her sister was writing her new book there, she showed interest in the building's story and one day she was gone. Not a trace of her, all her things left behind, except the pages she had written. Ironically, that was precisely the kind of stories she liked to write. Sarah had read enough of Barbara's work to know that she loved mysteries and that couldn't avoid looking into them, so the most sensible hypothesis was that she found something in the hotel and that someone made her disappear. She had to go there in person and figure out if her sister was alive. Not because she didn't trust the police but because she needed to do it, she just couldn't keep her usual life ignoring if Barbara was alive.

So she went to the hotel, after booking a room with her real name, what made a great shock in the manager. It was just the beginning of would be the Story of the Year in Hollywood. A place full of traps and lies awaited for her, luckily she would not be alone, as a detective with singular capacities was working in the same case.

To be continued in...Part II

lunes, mayo 27, 2013

Oro falso

Para distraer a los demasiado habituales saqueadores y cegar su nunca satisfecha avaricia hay montones de pirita, también conocida como oro falso. Los auténticos investigadores no caemos en una argucia tan evidente y conocida, y vamos a por los objetos realmente valiosos, más desde un punto de vista intelectual que meramente mercantil. Los orbes son piezas de tecnología fascinantes, están interconectados y bajo ciertas condiciones levitan y brillan. Aún estamos intentando delimitarlas y comprender su significado. Podría tratarse de un sistema de almacenamiento distribuido de memoria. Bien podrían ser el legado de los habitantes de la ciudad, todo su saber guardado en miles de orbes.

¡Por Isis!

sábado, mayo 25, 2013

Orbes misterios

Escribo desde México, D. F., donde se ha llevado a cabo un descubrimiento trascendental. Tras años de laboriosa y a veces poco gratificante excavación en una pirámide de de Teotihuacan, una de las urbes más pobladas del mundo hasta que fue misteriosamente abandonada. Los orbes que han encontrado en su interior podrían contener la clave para entender ese suceso inexplicable, que la Academia oculta a los ojos del gran público. ¿Son los orbes un mensaje de advertencia dejado por sus habitantes o la causa de su marcha? En este punto de la investigación cualquier hipótesis es digan de ser tenida en cuenta, pues es así como se avanza y no constriñéndose a lo que nos dicta la rígida y estéril "razón".

Feliz día de la toalla, ¡Por Isis!

viernes, mayo 17, 2013

Help Brigade!

BRIGADE and its creator Rob Liefeld are returning to comics and we want everyone to get a FREE copy of the re-imagined Brigade!

Help Rob Liefeld to bring his comic book serie Brigade for FREE supporting his Kickstarter project. Brigade has been reimagined and updated. The new premise is as follows. "A Brigade of heroes is assembled by John Stone aka Battlestone who commands a diverse unit of heroes uniquely qualified to defend humanity and preserve the fragile order of things."

sábado, mayo 11, 2013

Zirconia Starfighter in Uncanny Mist Part III

The mist was not only created to mutate living beings, as Zirconia has witnessed from first hand, but also to terraform entire areas, turning them in whatever its creators wanted it to be and those mysterious beings in black suits had a very clear vision as our heroine found out when she left the main lab. The island was now an otherworldly place, covered by a giant shadow. Plants, animals and "humans" ran amok, screaming in a never ending frenzy, clashing among them. It seems like a nightmare made real. Trying to avoid the, Zirconia advanced as fast as possible towards the beach where she had arrived. A new noise made her look at the thing that was projecting the shadow, it was massive, a huge monster unlike any creature born in our planet. It was impossible to make sense of it, was that a head or an arm? Couldn't tell. And the more you looked at it, the stranger it became. Somehow it was connected to the mist but until it stepped in the island and the mist started to flow towards it she didn't realise that the monster fed on it. Wherever it was from, it could feel the mist and came.

She shared her conclusion with Gwen Marsters, who agreed but also hurried her. "Run! I think that creature is gonna feed on more things than the mist, I wouldn't bet on the future of anyone or anything in the island." "Do you think they designed the mist on purpose to bring it and erase any trace of their experiment?" "The fact that they left is a clear sign to me, now, don't waste time talking and come here, I'll get as near as I can. I don't want to risk a confrontation with that thing, not yet." Zirconia smiled with the last word and ran. She wasn't an athlete but she kept in good shape as her rather unusual job often placed her in life or death scenarios like this one. The composite animals noticed her as she arrived to the beach but they were too busy defending their territory from a bunch of mutated plants. As she saw the boat coming, she felt the creature starting to feed on the island population. She close her eyes as she tried hard to keep away that awful sensation. It drained of their life force, in such a painful way that no one could even think possible, twisting the space and time around them. With her eyes still shut down, Zirconia got in the boat. "Let's get out!" "Right now, but I am leaving something to give that monster a run for its money." Zirconia opened her eyes and saw Gwen smiling and felt a lot better. As the boat drove away from the island, leaving behind the Academy ships, a dark cloud began to form shape in the sea, with only one goal, to get intel on the monster and making sure it would never return.

The End?

jueves, mayo 09, 2013

Zirconia Starfighter in Uncanny Mist Part II

The mist blurred everything, so she couldn't have a clear look at them until they were a mere dozen meters from her. They were three composite animals: the head of a wolf, the legs of a spider, the claws of a craw, the body of a rhinoceros... all put together with a mix of bioengineering and the good old mad science that Frankenstein has made popular. They moved quietly and fast, the only noise was produced by their howling. She didn't want a direct confrontation with the three of them but she had to stand her ground. From their positions, she could tell which was the leader and faced it. Her outfit gave her a fantastic and intimidating look, one she took advantage of. Both stared at each other eyes for a while, until the creature looked down, deciding to avoid the confrontation. She mowed fast, as she knew the creature could change its mind and attack her.

The mist grew thicker as she moved inwards the island. Thanks to its rather small size and that she had studied a map, she knew in what direction the lab was. However, she still needed assistance and contacted her partner. Gwen Marsters, who was following her with a modified satellite, was glad to hear how she had dealt with the three creatures. "They are modern chimaeras, extremely dangerous." She said, and then followed with instructions to get into the lab while she hacked their already compromised security. "So the mist comes from the lab, doesn't it?" Guessed Zirconia. "Yes, it's clearly manufactured and it's being originated from the lab, although I am still not sure about how it works. If we are lucky, there should be a way to stop it inside the lab." It was not necessary to ask what would happen if they were not lucky. Just listening the mix of roars and screams coming from all over the island was enough.

After a while, she managed to find with Gwen's help a road that connected all buildings of the Academy and followed it to the main lab. That was when they found out what the mist was doing. The hybrids from the beach had just been set free from the chaos caused by the mist, they were a collateral effect. The real deal was what the mist had done to the human and grey-human hybrids. The mist was a mutator and Zirconia could see the effect from first hand as she was approached by a crazy security guard, covered in blood, waving a chainsaw. His skin was reddish and his muscles were pumped up, like he was on steroids. That just the first of several fights against opponents who had lost their mind. No brain, no pain seemed to be their motto. It was hard and tested her combat abilities. When she arrived to the main lab, a white building covered in mist and smoke from several fires, she took a much needed pause. The door was not only open but bended and hanging. It was easy to enter and access the room where the mist came from, too easy.

"Welcome", said someone in a black outfit. The voice was metallic. There were six like him in the room. Slightly shorter than her, they were working on computers miles ahead from ours, gathering data. She could catch a glimpse from her earlier encounters with the mutated guards. "You have been quite useful, thanks to you we could finish our experiment before anyone relevant noticed. Now we can move on." She was ready to protest when they vanished leaving only the machine, spitting out still red mist. She shut it down as soon as she could and sat down next to it, exhausted. "Any idea of what is going on?", she asked to her partner. "You must get out! NOW!" "What???" "Something is coming! Something BIG!!!" "Is it part of this experiment?" "I don't know, it could be a coincidence or their way to cut loose ends, you must get out, that's the only thing that matters now..." Before Gwen could say another word a shadow covered the island and all creatures, human or not, fell silent.

To be continued...in Part III

martes, mayo 07, 2013

Zirconia Starfighter in Uncanny Mist Part I

Credits: Zirconia Starfighter in AMF Korsets (Berlin DE). Photo by Peter Dircken (Belgium, The Netherlands), taken during 18.WGT (1.6.2009, Wave-Gotik-Treffen Leipzig, DE). Model/MUA/Hairstyling: Zirconia Starfighter.

All contact with Butcher Island had been lost since a deep mist covered it, the last transmission that Gwen Marsters got from her informer indicated that the place was under lockdown because something had gone terribly wrong in the main lab. That wasn't surprising at all, the island was a property of the Academy. Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, unknown to most people and systematically erased from maps, it was the perfect place to conduct experiments of dubious morality. As far as the technomage knew, they were using the local fauna and flora to create new and more powerful hybrids, a recurring theme to obtain cheap soldiers. Using her vast network, she could find out that a force field had been set around the island and several ships were patrolling it. She had to send someone to 1) figure out what was going on and 2) stop it. She needed a warrior able to get it in and out, someone with the skills and the knowledge to pass a force field and deal with whatever monstrosities lurked inside. Luckily, she knew the right person for the job. Her name was Zirconia Starfighter.

As an ally and good friend of Gwen Marsters, she quickly accepted. Besides, she was very aware of how dangerous the situation in Butcher island could be, after all the Academy had been the responsible of the Long Year under the Grey Aliens. And that was just one of their major crimes against humanity. While Gwen studied how to pass the force field, Zirconia got ready for the mist. She chose an outfit that would protect her, a biotechnological suit that would filter the air and capable of fixing itself as a living being. She had used it before to get into toxic and dangerous places, for example, she had to venture into the nest of a Grey Warbeast to retrieve a crystal computer. Its eggs expelled a deadly gas that filled the nest and made them grow faster.

In a small boat, equipped with the most advanced technologies they could get, the technomage Gwen Marsters and the warrior Zirconia Starfighter got near the island, avoiding the Academy ships, and using a device, managed to open a small rift in the force field, a rift that wouldn't go unnoticed. Once inside, the warrior swam her way to the shore, while the technomage awaited in the boat, far from the uncanny mist, gathering info from the boat sensors. Zirconia arrived at a beach with dark red sand, she could hear an unnatural roar which was followed by the noise made by several creatures approaching and she prepared to fight.

To be continued...Part II

lunes, mayo 06, 2013

La furia submarina

Estas últimas horas han sido frenéticas, en el fondo marino se han producido combates encarnizados entre varios bandos: las estatuas (que han resultado ser muy territoriales), los piratas contratados por la Academia, saqueadores que van por libre... y nosotros. Viendo el inquietante rumbo que estaba tomando esta expedición, decidimos ponerle fin y retirarnos con un botín nada desdeñable y sin bajas, mas con no pocos heridos que precisan de una rápida y eficaz atención médica. Regreso a mi base de operaciones, para estudiar los artefactos hallados y preparar el próximo viaje. La lucha por la Verdad no cesa.
¡Por Isis!

sábado, mayo 04, 2013

Algo se mueve en el fondo del mar

Mientras nos las vemos con un grupo heterogéneo de rufianes, piratas y bandoleros a cañonazo limpio, nuestros valerosos buceadores han confirmado lo que intuíamos en el post anterior, las estatuas se mueven. No es una impresión engañosa producida por nuestra imaginación ni las corrientes marinas, se trata de un movimiento autónomo y dirigido, esas estatuas están vivas. Ignoro cuál es su propósito si poseen alguno. ¿Protegen algún tesoro?, ¿son la causa de que no haya habido más investigaciones en esta zona desde que se encontró la fabulosa Antykythera? Son preguntas que necesitan respuesta, y los esbirros a sueldo de la Academia están haciendo todo lo posible para impedirnos investigar en condiciones. Ni siquiera el barco de la Gran Duquesa se libra de los salvajes intentos de abordaje. Esos canallas no respetan nada, incluso sospecho que conozcan realmente para quién trabajan. Son como tiburones al acecho de la sangre, en su caso el botín que pueden hacer con nuestros navíos. Mas no cejaremos, y mucho menos ante estos vulgares delincuentes. He derrotado a ejércitos de imperios alienígenas, no caeré ante unos bellacos.
¡Por Isis!

jueves, mayo 02, 2013

Tesoros bajo el mar

Nuestra leal y extremadamente eficaz espía, Lady Atalanta, ha logrado la colaboración de la gran Duquesa de la Toscana, Livia Della Rovere, en esta búsqueda del tesoro. Una jugada maestra que ha dejado desconcertada a la Academia, puesto que al ir al 50% en los hallazgos con su palabra de que los que se lleve serán exhibidos en un museo, no pueden atacarnos de forma abierta. Eso no quiere decir que nos vayan a dejar en paz, conocen a suficientes malechores para atacar tanto nuestra embarcación como la de la duquesa. No me importa, que manden a la escoria más abyecta, les haremos frente. Lo realmente importante es que en estas aguas hay tesoros. Con la imagen no pretendo dar a entender que se encuentran aquí los restos del mítico Coloso de Rodas, pero sí hemos visto estatuas de formas humanas y tamaños diversos que recuerdan a esa maravilla. Alguno de mis aliados cree haber detectado movimiento en alguna. Podrían ser producto de las corrientes marinas o algo mucho más estimulante. Os mantendremos informados.
¡Por Isis!