lunes, noviembre 30, 2009

Who is afraid of Ellen Blackmoon?

A bit of relax after a productive research.

The mood in the Academy has changed dramatically these last days, since the talks with their ex-partners from the Lyceum ended with the creation of a supraorganization that will promote "human progress" fear has vanished from their faces and instead there is joy and pride. Happiness has returned to their old buildings and with that cheer security controls have relaxed just enough to get in their most confidencial files. Until that moment I had only rumours about Ellen Blackmoon or complete silence. In the files I found a lot of valuable info, plus her recent video was a handy tool to fill the gaps as she became the center of many discussions where "secrets" were said openly, as they couldn't keep them any longer.

Ellen Blackmoon, harbinger of Death?

Answering the title of this entry, The Academy is afraid of her, they know too well what she can do. Even they feel safe in this new big alliance her group is a Menace as important as the Resistance. She is the child of a noblemen and a housekeeper, to avoid the scandal she was sent to a Boarding School owned by the Academy. There she was spot by Sir Edward Holst in one of his frequent visits to seek new talent. He saw her potential and became her tutor, since then they have been like father and daughter. Ellen Blackmoon is not only a very cult person with a degree in History but an expert killer. She is really pissed of with the Academy as they have distanced from her Master. I am sending all my findings to Mister Steiner.

May Isis be with you! Hugs and kisses, Lady Atalanta

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