miércoles, noviembre 17, 2010

Joining the fight

Copyright Despina Kazana

The Academy, this antique organization that has written History since ever, is now merely a puppet for a bunch of crazy aliens trapped in a golden cage that hate humanity and want revenge from their defeat last year. As they can't get out without risking their petty lifes to the White Pandemy they are using intermediates, agents created by them. These pieces of software have taken control of this blog, caused a plane to fall and throw down several governments. And they have just begun.

As a member of the Resistence, introduced in the secrets of Delos, I am fully commited in defeating this menace to freedom. While my partners deal with the agents I am going for the Beast's head. It will be extremely difficult but it will be worthy the effort.
Don't give up! We must keep the hope and never stop fighting.

May Isis be with you! Hugs and kisses, Lady Atalanta

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