lunes, enero 25, 2016

Interview with Goddess Hiliana

The Mighty Goddess Hiliana

This is a very special entry for this blog, an interview with our ally and muse, the Mighty Goddess Hiliana, where she looks back on 2015 and forward as she comments her plans for 2016. I think you will find it as interesting and inspiring as me. Enjoy it and share this amazing exclusive of Planeta Inquietante.

How was your 2015? What were the parts your feel more proud of?

2015 was another creative year even with some difficulties. All parts I am proud with the best one was a photography work in Ghost House with Latex and my friend Zirconia Starfighter.

What are your plans for 2016? What can you tell us about new looks/photoshoots? I am specially looking forward to more pictures from your collaboration with Zirconia Starfighter.

My plans is to continue to create fetish and sometimes bizarre photos and videos and some plans must be stay only in my mind to surprise all of you!

How do you see the world? It seems we haven't left one crisis, economic, and now we have to deal with another, humanitarian, the biggest since World War 2.

Our world is always in crisis because human is a thirsty for power creature, in some places on the planet that crisis situation is permanent now just spreading to the rest world...

In this blog we celebrate pop culture, which authors and works have inspired you the most?

I like pop culture, every creation and work is a kind of inspiration. Everyone is unique and is extremely difficult to separate. Everyone gives me a touch of inspiration mixed by my own.

Another theme very dear to Planeta Inquietante is aliens, how they are part of our History. What is your opinión on this subject? Do you think we need a guiding/helping hand from aliens to solve our issues?

We don't need any helping or guiding to solve our problems. The only we just need is to read/learn and stand up for our rights as humans.

What would you like to tell our readers?

To try to be creative collaborate and help each other with any way, any manner.

A great and meaningful advice to finish the interview, that we should apply on our lives. Let's fill 2016 with creativity, bringing our best selves.

May Isis guide and protect you!

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