domingo, marzo 26, 2017

Zirconia Starfighter goes to Mars!

Zirconia Starfighter with her new amazing space outfit.

Mars. The red planet. It's been part of our myths, histories and dreams since we identified it on the sky for the first time. Pop culture is filled with aventures set there, often with green aliens who call it their home. It should be our next step after reaching the Moon, but the end to the Cold War seemed to kill any real interest in the Space Race. Now NASA and others seem to only send unmanned probes to collect data and samples, and even with these downsized goals they fail from time to time. Thankfully, we, The Resistance, have enough resources and contact of our own to fill the void left by the once ambitious space programs of the USA and the Soviet Union. Thanks to our friendship with the Delos Expedition, the benign advanced aliens who seeded the universe with intelligent life forms, we can send people to space. From the title of this entry and the stunning pictures you know who we sent and where she went. The brave cyberwarrior Zirconia Starfighter got to visit the red planet with a brand new space outfit, filled with cutting edge technology.

Mars is not the barren desert that the evil Academy wants us to think, but a place full of life and conflicts. Pulp novels starring heroes such as John Carter are close to reality than most science books. That's why our ally and good friend took a big gun with her. We don't seek violence but we are more than ready to defend ourselves and fight tyranny wherever we find it. She went on a spaceship driven by another great cyberwarrior, Gwen Marsters and stayed there for a entire local day, a day filled with action and exciting findings. Mars is inhabited by many warring clans, whose technologies are perplexing to us, more advanced in some aspects but so rudimentary in others. Some are proud and free, others are brainwashed slaves of the Greys. There are even robot clans, whose creators are long forgotten. There is no doubt that we will come back with our amazing friend and cyberwarrior.

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May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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