viernes, agosto 03, 2018

Cracking the box Part II

The amazing cyberwarrior Zirconia Starfighter

The secret temple seemed like a natural formation in the rocks, but actually it had been carved as much by the sea as by its many users. Centuries had past until it had got its current look. An astonishing place that was hidden in plain sight, you need to know where and how to look to see it. Otherwise it was just a random pile of rocks. In our case, we didn't have no problem noticing it, as our guide, the Mighty Goddess Hiliana had an important hand in its shape. Zirconia Starfighter carried the Box while I made sure that we were not being followed not just by the ones who gave us the Box but also others such as the corrupt and decadent Academy. Advanced tech, specially one with alien origin or influence, is very seeked. We live in a constant arms race, that can be traced back to the very origins of Life.

The Mighty Goddess Hiliana

The ceremony to restore the Box is both sacred and secret. We can't tell much about it, just that water plays a very important role. The Mighty Goddess Hiliana led the ceremony while we followed her precise instructions. It was an amazing experience. I wish we could share it with you, but we can't risk all this knowledge falling in the hands of the many enemies of humanity. As a result, the Box recovered its voice, the AI inside it reawakened and talked. It was built with the same technology as the One I met years ago, but they are separated entities, though the AI of the Box sees the other as a parent figure. They are linked, thanks to that we know Elysium has all of them under their control, and they are using the main one, the one that changed my life, as a sort of control unit. Now our next step will be locating it, and we feel the Box will be the key.

To be continued...

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May the wise Isis guide and protect you!, Gwen Marsters

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