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The mystery of the cursed house Part II

Our dear friend and awesome ally, the Mighty Goddess Hiliana arrived in London, ready to crack the mystery of Sir Jaycob Morley Patrick disappearance with the only company of a drone controlled by one of our finest cyberwarriors, Zirconia Starfighter. This is because the letter written by Lord Zajzon Farkas and the Countess Demetra Huber, said that they could only get permission for one person to enter in the cursed house. I am pretty sure the Goddess could have ignored that petition, but she didn't want to get them into trouble with the decadent and corrupt Academy. Besides, does a Goddess actually need help? In any case, the drone will record everything and keep us in communication with her. The "cursed house" is in one of the oldest and most expensive neighbourhoods of London. We won't provide more info about its location, as it's obviously a very dangerous place, and we don't want to encourage people to visit it.

The Mighty Goddess Hiliana

The house, an impressive ancient building made of the finest stone, heavily decorated with shields, statues, gargoyles and all kind of symbols, was surrounded by soldiers of one of the Illustrated Legions. They were werewolves in military uniforms with machine guns, not the kind of thing you shall see in a typical postcard of London. Their boss, a grey and one eyed werewolf, survivor of many battles, approached our dear Goddess with a low growl, sniffing the air. The Mighty Goddess Hiliana didn't hesitate and facing him, stated her purpose. "I am here to find Lord Zajzon Farkas, his friends are worried about him. He's been missing for a year." "You should be more worried about yourself. If you want to enter, be our guest. We are here to look for anything trying to get out, no in. But you should think it twice. That place smells like a doorway to Hell.", answered the werewolf without a bit of irony or disrespect. He had seen many enter and not even one come out. He didn't know that she was different. She smiled and thanked him for his advise but she wasn't to abandon her mission.

The door, made of solid wood from a unique specimen, wasn't locked. As she stepped inside, the odor the werewolf had mentioned assaulted her senses. It truly felt like entering on of the deepest circles of Hell. There wasn't electricity, just candles, lots of them, but they provided enough light to see that the walls, the floor and even the ceiling were dripping blood, like the house was a living being, bleeding from a thousand cuts. The next thing she saw was a giant mutated wolf feasting on the corpse of a lackey of the Academy dressed in riot gear. It was exactly the kind of creature you expect to find in hell. So that was the first clue, a very menacing one as the animal faced her, leaving its meal. The eyes were bright feaverish yellow and its hair was pitch black except the parts stained with blood. It didn't growl or howl, it talked, with a deep and unsettling voice. "Welcome, prepare to die."

To be continued.

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