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The mystery of the cursed house Part V

Sir Jaycob Morley was alive, that was the only certainty after her duel with the honorable Sir Brodie Mervyn Elwyn. The rest were all questions, starting with the identity of the being that had turned her opponent into a statue, so he couldn't provider her the information that she was seeking. He told that he was there serving his master, High Priest Urien Uthyr, who was after the secrets of the house. It was impossible to know if the being had been sent by the High Priest or even if it had been the High Priest himself, as the Mighty Goddess Hiliana didn't know the man. As much as she wanted to free the knight, she felt that tinkering with whatever kept paralyzed could prove lethal for him, and even hurt her. So she put a protection spell and moved on. Her number one mission was finding Sir Jaycob Morley, getting answers could wait.

The Mighty Goddess

Without a guide, it was almost impossible to keep track of the stairs and door and corridors, it felt like a neverending maze filled with horrors. Animals and plants turned into living weapons that attacked anyone put the vast powers of our ally to test. She crossed paths with others who ventured in the old house before her. Some were alive, others were dead, and finally some were in a state between. After what felt like an eternity, she reached a big golden door that looked like the mouth of a lion. Guarding it, there was a stunning woman with a dress red and gold who saluted her with a bright smile. She seemed very happy. Maybe too much.

  • Are you here to discover the Mystery?
  • I am looking for Sir Jaycob Morley.
  • To do that, you will have to sole the Mystery of this building. But be aware, many are trying to do it just now behind this door, and they have been at it for a while, so I wouldn't make plans for the evening.
  • Don't worry, I haven't.
  • Enter whenever you like, you can take it all the time you need. I don't think the Mystery is getting solved anytime soon.

Obviously the lady of the red and gold dress was as suspicious as charming, but our friend had to enter the room and there was no point in wasting time trying to figure how this lady fit in all this. The door opened as any regular door does and Mighty Goddess Hiliana stepped in the room wondering what new challenge she would have to face.

To be continued...

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