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The mystery of the cursed house Part VI

As soon as the Mighty Goddess Hiliana entered the room, she felt that it was the epicenter of everything that was taking place at the house, it was the Sancta Sanctorum, and as the the woman in the red and gold dress had told her, there were several people inside doing all kind of stuff, mostly magical in nature. One of them had to be the mysterious High Priest Urien Uthyr. They were forming a circle, all looking up to the ceiling, that seemed a series of portals interlocked, every one a window to a different dimension. All of them inhabited by bizarre creatures. Some of them were trying to enter, mainly one with huge tentacles, covered with sharp teeth. The people in the room ignored our friend and our camera, as they were completely focused on their task at hand, or at least they pretended to.

They were six, four humanoid figures, a half spider half human being and something that was made of cubes with eyes. They were projecting spells and rays of energy, the former the magicians, the later the ones closer to science. Our dear goddess didn't see how she could contribute to a battle she didn't understand so she explored the room in order to gather intel. Imagine her surprise when she found that the battle had obscured her vision, hiding huge parts of the room, and that in one of those blind spots was Sir Jaycob Morley, an old and proud man, hidden, petrified, with a face as white as paper. She offered him a hand, that he accepted. He looked at her shocked, as glad as surprised.

  • Are you real?
  • Lord Zajzon Farkas and the Countess Demetra Huber sent me to find you, what is going on?
  • My house is ill, and those idiots are only making it worse. They don't understand a thing, they only want Power, that's why they keep throwing all their stuff at it when the Mystery is just in front of them.
  • How can I help?
  • Can you make them understand the true nature of this place?
  • I'll make them listen, but you'll have to do the explaining part.

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