martes, junio 30, 2020

Alice Ayers on the trail of the generals

After our recent victory in the Iranian Nuclear Station, the Generals Kernshos and Noxolo had disappeared alongside their army. Only corpses, broken machinery and waste had been left behind. We knew that they wouldn't stay idle. Specially now, when the coronavirus is far from being under control. Our amazing ally, the fabulous Alice Ayers picked up some interesting chat in the Deep Web about customized versions of COVID-19 up for sale. Some of them were obviously fake, scams for gullible people who believe anything that sounds illegal, but others were not.

The amazing cyberwarrior Alice Ayers

That doesn't mean they were entirely true, as she found that behind those "authentic" offers stood the cybercriminal network known as Elysium. We knew they had been trying to create new strands of COVID-19 applying radiation with little success. Or it was way too lethal and didn't propagate at all, or it was highly contagious but even less deadly than the original. But only we knew that, and we you drop the words radiation and virus in the same sentence, you get the attention from a lot of nasty people with plenty of money. Our ally knows where the first auction will take place, and she already has a way to get in. Let's be honest, who wouldn't let her in an exclusive party? She makes it more exclusive just by being there. We will keep an eye on her to give her full support. She is going to hang around with some of the worst scum of Earth, and even from other planets.

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May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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