sábado, noviembre 28, 2020

Aquarius the Book of Mer

This year's Black Friday brought us something way more interesting than discounts on stuff we may want to buy if it's cheap enough, a crowdfunding campaign to launch the first issue of a new ongoing series wholly created by the amazing Afua Richardson aka Doctor Foo. She is an acomplished comic book creator and musician. For us, her most distinctive signature as an artists is the was she created her drawing using colors. Her colors feel like a necessary part of her work. You can't just publish it on black and white, they would feel uncomplete. She has done bot covers and interiors for Marvel, Top Cow and other companies, but this is the first time she tells her own story, and it sounds right up our alley. She has studied myths about mermaids from all around the world, discovering in the process that they are everywhere. In her Book of mer, she is going to gather them and link them. We can't wait to see it. The series will be published by Image Comics and it will start on May 2021. But wait, because this project has more to offer, its own soundtrack, also made by Afua Richardson with help of some friends. Do we need to give you more reasons to support this awesome project?

You can follow and support Afua Richardson in the following links:

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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