domingo, noviembre 19, 2023

Happy Birthday Goddess Hiliana!

Being a challenger of the unknown has allowed to meet all kinds of people, from the most vilest and disgusting to the bravest and most brilliant. Obvioulsy, The Mighty Goddess Hiliana is one of the finest examples of the latter. This Greek Goddess puts to shame our arrogant enemies. She is as wise as kind. She believes in Humanity and in a better future for all. Her role has been crucial in many of our adventures. That's why her birthday is a great day for us. We send her our best wishes and our most heartfelt gratitude. Have an amazing dear, our incredible friend and muse! Keep guiding us in this sometimes dark world.

Kneel before the Goddes and admire her class and beauty.

You can follow and support Goddess Hiliana in the following links:

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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