lunes, noviembre 13, 2023

Happy Birthday Alice!!!

Today it's a very special day for us as it's Alice's birthday. The brave Greek cyberwarrior is a very important member of our crew who can get into the most exclusive events. We have a gift for her related to her last mission. The are rumours in the Dark Web that point to the survival of the Upstarts. Apparently, they are getting used to their new status, but it's unknown how much of their humanity they have kept. We still don'0t fully understand what Augustus Severinus Píngolas was trying to do by pushing the Philosopher's Stone to its limits. What I do know is that Alice must be curious to see how the stone has changed her admirer Rising Phoenix. We will let her know if the member of the Upstarts shows up. Meanwhile, we send Alice our best wishes.

You should follow and support our friend and ally Alice Ayers in her official Instagram account:

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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