jueves, agosto 22, 2019

Ronda de noticias de Japón

Mientras procesamos la revelación brillantemente obtenida por nuestra compañera, la ciberguerrera Alice, acerca de la identidad del causante de la caída de esta humilde bitácora, os traigo una ronda de noticias de la Cultura Pop Japonesa.

  • Empezamos con una triste, se acaba el programa de variedades de las AKB48 AKBingo, un clásico que nos permitió conocer mejor a las componentes de ese fenómeno cultural
  • Las AKB48 han lanzado un nuevo single, Sustainable y ya podéis ver el videoclip
  • La actual reina de las AKB48 Jurina Matsui, ha anunciado su primer álbum en solitario, Privacy, que contendrá nueve canciones escritas por ella.
  • Algunos afortunados han podido ver a la ex-idol Erina Mano (Kamen Rider Fourze, Patlabor The Next Generation, Bleach) en A Coruña, podéis leer más al respecto en la web de la Voz de Galicia.

¡Por Isis!

lunes, agosto 19, 2019

The attacker unmasked!

After quite a few hours of work, though not as intense as we are in the middle of our very deserved vacations, we have had a major breakthrough in the investigation about the recent attack that made our online journal unavailable. A series of clues have led us to discover the identity of the hacker that took down Planeta Inquietante. The person who put together the pieces is none other than the amazing, brave and beautiful cyber warrior Alice.

The brilliant cyber warrior Alice

We weren't the only affected, and studying other victims of this attack, and how long it took them to recover, she was able to track the attack to its source. At first we thought the responsible was a freelance agent located on Earth, possibly paid by the criminal network Elysium, but then, Alice found out that the source of the attack was in space, orbiting the moon, a satellite. But that device was just a relay, part of a network, and the first link of that chain was in the dark side of the Moon. So,we were right about our suspicion that Elysium was behind the attack. We think we were an unintended victim of an experiment with their allies, the psychic mutants. Maybe they have managed to connect with the massive ship we suspect is buried in the south pole and they are using it to amplify their abilities. If they can reach Earth with their minds, and everything we know points in that direction, we are in grave danger. We better get ready for the impeding fight with this evil alliance.

Fighting Evil with class

You should follow and support our friend and ally Alice Ayers in her official Instagram account, which is full of cool pictures. Following her is reason enough to create an account there:

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

jueves, agosto 15, 2019

Alice SOS: No title story

Interrumpimos nuestro "silencio veraniego" para compartir con vosotros el videoclip del primer single de la ex-componente de Gokigen Teikoku Shino Arisu, No title story. Desde esta bitácora le deseamos la mayor de las fortunas a esta brillante idol indie apasionada de Disney.

Podéis seguir y apoyar a Shino Arisu en su nueva carrera en solitario en los siguientes enlaces:

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