jueves, abril 11, 2024

The Truth shall be revealed

While you were busy looking up to the Sky, sharing your stupid ideas with your even more stupide allies, we, the proud members High Table of Wisdom, who not just survived the brutal coward attack of a nefarious criminal but thrived becoming more than we ever were have been working hard on something you say it's your goal. To reveal the Truth. Ironically, the darkness brought by the total solar eclipse will bring light on an important issue. The identity of our three prisoners.

It will surprise absolutely no one that the so called master of disguise is a liar. In a cringeworthy post he tried to deny his connection with the prisoners, pandering to the crude tastes of the people behind this sad and forgotten corner of the Internet. In this case, it was their absurd obsession with a Japanese idol that they think in their fever dreams supported their outlandish theory that Pop Culture is the gateway to the Truth, employing hidden messages that only the initiates can spot. We will soon show how the three prisoners are Augustus Severinus Píngolas, and that there are more, all linked n ways that we are still trying to understand.

This is a collective statement signed by all the members of High Table of Wisdom, this post is not motivated in any way by fears that the cyberwarrior Alice may think bad of our colleague Rising Phoenix after the accusation made by the infamous Augustus Severinus Píngolas. She is not desperate to meet her again. And it's ridiculous to even think that we have her under house arrest to prevent her from visiting Alice and share every detail of our current investigation with her. As we said, the Truth shall be revealed...Very soon.

The Academy will prevail!

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