jueves, abril 25, 2024

The Truth revealed!

The complete darkness caused by the complete solar eclipse brought light to our investigation. We had to take our three prisoners to the United States and we followed the path of the eclipse to maximize the effect. It took both effort and planning but it was worth it. Soon we saw that they were not replicas of the nefarious Augustus Severinus Píngolas, taken from other points in his timeline. It was far more surreal but not totally surprising. The key part ot understand the Truth was his connection to the Philosopher's Stone. The same object he so callously ruined in what should have been our greatest victory.

Under the total solar eclipse, our prisoners went mad, screaming and gesturing in their cells. But that was just the beginning. Soon something uncanny happened. They started to shrink before our eyes. After mere minutes they were miniature humans, so small that we had to move them to a small box, all together, so they couldn't escape. Something they clearly willing to do. Now you may be asking, what are they? Unless you are familiar with the Philisopher's Stone, then you know by now that they are homunculus. Three artificial humanlike being made no doubt by the treachorous Augustus Severinus Píngolas. We are pretty sure their minds are connected with his Master and that after this revelation he will come after us to free or kill them. He knows we know the homunculus can be used against him.

The Academy will prevail!

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