miércoles, enero 01, 2014

An adventure awaits

Model Damaged Doll Foto Guido Ricci Mua and Hair Giovanna Antonia Stasi Latex Ego Assassin

Let's give a warm welcome to the new year 2014 with a short story, starring the amazing Damaged Doll.

It was a small planet, orbiting a white star, mostly empty and forgotten by many, but those who remembered, knew and appreciated its value. There was only a continent and a handful of islands, the rest was a big sea. In the continent there was a jungle and in that jungle, an adventure awaited. Hidden among the big trees, there were old buildings, most were underground, connected, forming an unique labyrinth and their creators had filled them with quests and treasures. Those people were long gone, but even after all this time, there were still parts unexplored and anyone who had the right contacts and wanted to live a unique experience, went there. Many expected money and raw power, but she found those motivations petty and vacuous. She didn't travel that far to get something she could get easily back home, she was looking for a real challenge. As she entered a library taken by the vegetation, she could feel the joy of entering into the Unknown and she knew that whatever awaited her inside would be worthy it.

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