martes, enero 28, 2014

Zirconia Starfighter surfs the "cyberspace"

  • Photo-shooting by Tasos Wraiopoulos (10/10/2013, Athens GR)
  • Model/Hairstyling/MUA/Styling/Retouch: Zirconia Starfighter
  • Fashion: Prohibition Clubwear (UK)

While the High Priestess of the Seven Pains begins her reign of terror in Belgium, Zirconia Starfighter, a valued ally of the Resistance, is in an important Quest to gather info from the darkest corners of the cyberspace. She is not alone in that mission, as other technomages such as Gwen Marsters will join her to cover as much "space" as possible. She is ready and willing to face the traps set up by the obsolete Academy and the Greys to cover up their dirty secrets. We will keep you informed of her adventures, as their outcome will be fundamental in both freeing Belgium and preventing the fall of other countries. If there is just some scrap of info out there that shows a fatal flaw in the evil priestess plan, our heroine will find it. I am sure.

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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