jueves, febrero 13, 2014

Zirconia Starfighter: Blood Magic

  • Photo-shooting by Tasos Wraiopoulos (10/10/2013, Athens GR)
  • Model/Hairstyling/MUA/Styling/Retouch: Zirconia Starfighter
  • Fashion: Prohibition Clubwear (UK)

Our reliable cyber warrior, Zirconia Starfighter, has found highly valuable information that will be essential in our fight with the Grey invaders. In her quest, she has discovered that Karen Bloodscream makes her surname justice, as her dark magic is powered by blood and inflicting pain. She collects blood from her numerous victims and keeps it stored in liquid form thanks to a rare anticoagulant she brings from her solar system, the only place it's fabricated. Known as BZ-15, it may be an unexpected weakness to her plans. Used to have a factory nearby, she is not used to work with a finite supply. Without it, she must use the blood faster or risk wasting it. It's a problem you have when most of your tricks involve copious amounts of blood. We must exploit that. Thanks to the admirable work of Zirconia Starfighter, we are closer to Victory. She is a ray of Hope that precedes the thunder of Justice.

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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