jueves, marzo 20, 2014

Zirconia Starfighter: A Breach

  • Photo-shooting by Tasos Wraiopoulos (10/10/2013, Athens GR)
  • Model/Hairstyling/MUA/Styling/Retouch: Zirconia Starfighter
  • Fashion: Prohibition Clubwear (UK)

Our ally, the brave cyber warrior Zirconia Starfighter, has found a fatal flaw in the force field that keeps the countries occupied by Karen Bloodscream isolated. Exploiting that flaw, she was able to create a breach she used to contact our friends. Thankfully they are not only OK but have kept fighting all this time managing to score some victories. The breach didn't last more than some minutes, but it was enough time to plant the seed for a connection that will allow us to talk with our allies very soon. We can't thank Zirconia enough for this. She's truly a heroine.

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!, Gwen Marsters

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