sábado, mayo 30, 2015

Who may know the secret of the Pyramids?

One of the biggest world mysteries is how the Great Pyramids were built. Over the course of History we have gotten many answers but not any of them proved beyond doubt to be the right one. We know for sure tha after building the biggest and finest ones, the Ancient Egypt seemed to forget how to do them properly. They became progressively smaller and less durable. It's like the knowledge had been lost or substitued by lesser alternatives. Although we have access to chronicles, none of them provide the information we seek. So where could we find it? We would need resources with unlimited access to the Pyramids and with an open and curious mind. But who could avoid the secrecy surrounding those sacred places? Who could come and go as they pleased without being questioned or worse? Surfing the Internet, I realised. Cats. They were as loved back them as they are in today's Internet. Egiptians saw them as divine creatures, with direct links to their Gods. Add their natural sense of curiosity, their love for closed spaces and you can bet that they got into the most secret corners of the Great Pyramids. If someone knows their deepest secrets are the builders and cats. You must obviously been thinking that those cats are as dead as the architects who designed those majestuous tombs and you would be completely right. But there is a very important element you are probably ignoring, genetic memory.

Data passed on every generation, coded in their very DNA in the so called "junk", a terrible term born from the hubris of misguided scientists. That precious data gathered by many generations of cats could contain the secrets of the Great Pyramids, we only have to find the way to ask the current cats to tap in their genetic memory and we may make an amazing breakthrough. My money is in this exceptional specimen, Prince Pataty. You can appreciate the greatness of the Ancient Egypt in the way he poses, there is a dignity to him, that brings back memories from the Pharaoh. The big question is if he will be willing to share those Secrets or will choose to keep them. We can only hope for the best.

Does he hold the Key to the secrets of the Great Pyramids?

May Isis protect and guide us!

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