miércoles, septiembre 28, 2016

Goddess Hiliana: Dark Feelings

Behold The Mighty Goddess Hiliana!

After asking her about her plans for 2016 in our interview, it's a pleasure to share with you a couple of pictures and a video from this year. Our ally rocks new styles with the elegance and finesse we expect from a true Goddess. In the video you can have a look to her dungeon, a place where her will rules supreme and where the enemies of humanity spill the beans, which has led to save many lives. We will never be thankful enough to Goddess Hiliana, sharing her amazing work is the least we can do.

Dark Feelings, two awesome styles for 2016.

Sometime we may feel lost, but knowing that we have a Goddess by our side makes that uneasy feeling go away. Thanks, our dear ally, for standing with us and for making both Internet and the World a more interesting and fascinating place.

Muse, ally and protector of Humanity

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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