martes, diciembre 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Zirconia Starfighter!

Friend, ally and muse

Today is a day for celebration, leve your worries aside for a moment and rejoice. It's Zirconia Starfighter's birthday. By now, I shouldn't need to introduce her but there may be new visitors so it's the polite thing to do. Zirconia Starfighter is an amazing woman of many talents: model, gogo dancer, graphic designer, cosplayer, cyberwarrior... She is one of our finest and most reliable allies. We're also proud to call her a friend. It's obvious then why her birthday is such a big deal for us. We recomend you, new and old readers to click on her tag in this blog and (re)visit old posts and check her links at the end of this entry. Let's celebrate the work of this awesome lady and wish her a Very Happy Birthday. Make this day a memorable one. I just wish we could show something we are working on, a new comic book starring our friend and her cyberpals. On the plus side, I think it will be worth the wait.

Behold the Mighty cyberwarrior!

You can follow and support Zirconia Starfighter in the following links, plus don't forget to wish her a Very Happy Birthday!!!:

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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