martes, junio 19, 2018

Racing against Elysium Part IV

The Great (and very illegal) Race had ended. Our runner was one the only four who reached the goal. She was taken with the rest to the same place we had been holed up during the Race for the Award ceremony. It was time at last to uncover the so hyped prizes. We were going to see if Elysium promises paid off or they were just smoke and mirrors. The higher-ups of Elysium gave us a couple of hours to get ready for their big party. Time that we put to good use. The fourth position was not a random choice. We knew that it would leave us out of the podium, granting Zirconia Starfighter more freedom of movement. That didn't mean she wouldn't be under close scrutiny. It's not like they didn't know who she was. We didn't even try hiding her identity. Why bother? We wanted them to know that we were there. But the question was, could they manage the party and control of all us at the same time? We were betting that Masuimi or myself could get under their radar, at least for a while. We put together every piece of intel we had gathered during the Race, what little sense we could make of the last part and went to the Awards ceremonies with our best looks.

The Amazing Cyber-Warrior Zirconia Starfighter

The ceremony was an overwhelming show where Elysium tried its best to show off its technology. Lots of robots, mostly non-human looking, and digital avatars were floating around amidst lasers and fog. Loud music and pompous discurses provided the perfect cover for us. The attention was focused on the Top Three, who were very happy to be there. That allowed us to move around not completely freely, but enough to take a peek behind the curtain. Don't believe the cryptic message that Elysium drops here from time to time. We know now more than they would like. We have good intel we have to process and check. But let's get to the stuff we can share right now. The Prizes. The Top Three got a bunch of money in cryptocurrency, cyber crowns and a seat at Elysium, confirming one of the most popular theories. Our own racer got money, a bit less than the other, and a mini computer that looked familiar to me. Too familiar. It is made from the same technology as the one I found a long time ago. I don't know if it's a message from our enemies or just a coincidence. It would explain their level of technology. I think most people on Earth have been recycling alien tech since the dawn of time. Proud of our success, we had some drinks, danced and had fun. We had earned it, and you never know when you will an opportunity to let loose in our line of business.

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The End...for now

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!, Gwen Marsters

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