jueves, marzo 21, 2019

Getting ready for the party

After their recent run ins with Elysium, our oldest enemy, the Evil and corrupt Academy has stepped up its security, calling in their army, the infamous Illustrated Legion, to protect their most valued assets.So you can imagine how getting in a secret meeting at an Hungarian castle would be more complicated than usual. The Librarian, one of our best allies, tried his best but all he could get was info on the day and the hosts, which is not an easy feat. The hosts of the "party" were the high ranking academics Lord Zajzon Farkas and the Countess Demetra Huber. We will keep the date a secret by now. I am afraid we are already giving out too much information. So, we knew the place and the time, but we still had to get in. Our best hackers tried to get invitations, but they as much luck as the Librarian. But then, when we were considering getting in with an old school incursion, guns blazing if it came down to that, the Mighty Goddess Hiliana stepped in.

Mighty Goddess Hiliana

When Gods talk, mortals listen, and so we did. She knew the hosts, she had been to their castle. It's not surprising that the Academy would try to sway a Goddess, but all their attempts on turning her to their nefarious side had ended with them kneeling before her, as she unmasked their lies and crimes. She offered to take us into the party as her escort, but first we would have to look the part. She knew she could get away with almost anything but she considered better not to attract too much attention on us, so our enemies would talk freely and spill their secrets in front of us. It was a week of learning protocol and rituals, usually that would pretty boring, but spending time with a real Goddess is actually the opposite. You learn something new and exciting with her every day. Her knowledged goes from Ancient History to Quantum Mechanics. The thing is, after that week, we were ready for that party.

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May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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