sábado, marzo 16, 2019

Consulting the Mighty Goddess Hiliana

As you know, two of the more recent additions to our ever growing lists of enemies, the cyber criminal network Elysium and the four psychic mutants created by the Evil Academy, have joined forces in a very special place. The dark side of the moon. We found out thanks to our allies stationed there, who intercepted communications of the Chinese exploratory mission, that has been the target of our enemies. They have hacked it for their own nefarious purposes and have been blackmailing China since then. We think this last part is just a smoke screen to keep the attention away from their actual plans. What we do know is that we need to get there, but we must prepare accordingly first. And in order to do that, we decided to pay the Mighty Goddess Hiliana a visit.

Astonishing as usual, the Goddess knew why we had gone to her palace, and she had very interesting information for us. The newly formed alliance has established a base on the dark side of the moon. The Chinese mission to explore that area of our satellite could be a risk for them, but they decided to turn it into a valuable tool for them, using it as a another way to connect with Earth, and to strongarm China into covering their activities. But, what are they planning? Under the wise guide of the Goddess we put the pieces of info we have gathered thus far. The AI stolen by ELysium, the psychic powers of the mutants, the plans made by Elysium to their members to upload consciousness to the cloud... All seem to form a picture, but we can't see it clearly yet, but the Goddess saw enough to suggest the next step. To access an exclusive party in an Hungarian castle, where it was rumoured that some high rank members of the Academy would discuss what is going on at the Moon. Maybe our oldest enemies know something we don't. We will find out very soon. We will keep you posted.

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May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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