miércoles, abril 03, 2019

The Hungarian Party Part I

The Mighty Goddess leads the way

As we had hoped, the hosts of the exclusive party at the Hungarian Castle granted an invitation to our divine ally as soon as she showed a minimum of interest on assisting to that event. Both Lord Zajzon Farkas and the Countess Demetra Huber were so happy to count her among their guests that they gave her permission to bring up to three companions without even checking their(our) identities. They told her that they trusted that she would bring worthy people. We decided that we would use very invitation. The chosen three were the amazing duo of cyberwarriors formed by Zirconia Starfighter and Gwen Marsters and me, the challenger of the unknown. Being three meant that we would have more opportunities to get information from our oldest enemies.

Ready to follow the Goddess Hiliana

The Castle was a truly remarkable place, the kind of you see in fairy tales more than in period movies. It was filled with personal ready to attend to every whim of the guests, which were as many as you can expect from these aristocrat academics who love so much to play God with stolen alien technology. It was also filled with soldiers from the infamous Illustrated Legion. Except the Goddess Hiliana, the others were inspected way too closely by werewolves that didn't seem to be too happy working as security at a party where they wouldn't be allowed as guests. We knew beforehand that the level of security would be sky high, so, as you can imagine, we didn't carry any weapon or anything that may look funny. Even then, I had trouble getting in with my beloved smoking pipe. But, thankfully, I wasn't the only guest who brought one, as many academics love its special taste, so after making sure that it was exactly what it looked like and after making me wait in a barely illuminated stairs, they let me in and I could join my amazing allies, who were already meeting the other guests, as they were gathered around them to meet the Goddess.

To be continued...

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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