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The Hungarian Party Part II

Although the main focus of attention on our group was without any doubt the Mighty Goddess Hiliana, that doesn't mean my other allies went unnoticed. If anything, I was the odd one. Zirconia Starfighter looked simply fabulous while Gwen Marsters was her usual classy self. As we had planned, after getting inside the party, we started to move on our own, trying to cover as much ground and guests as possible. That wasn't difficult as the hosts favored the constant movement, with their servants (humans, robots and cyborgs) making sure that we could drink and eat as much as we liked. There were some familiar faces among the guests. Old enemies that looked us with bitter eyes and mused some threats, but not even one dared to confront us. I am not sure if they didn't want to piss off the hosts or they were afraid of our divine ally.

The amazing Zirconia Starfighter

As in any party for aristocrats, there was a dance in a absurdly big room, where we could gather again and compare notes. Sadly, there was nothing to juicy. Some said that our new enemies were behind the failure of the Israeli mission to the moon, that crashed just when it was going to land. At most our oldest enemies talked about how Elysium had been building outposts in the dark side of the moon, massive bases, forming a network. We assume that some of them are meant for the mutants. We felt we were onto something, but that we need to push further to get useful intel for our next challenge. But how? Was there a way to access their files, their AIs? Clearly among the hosts and the guests, there had to be academics with high enough clearance to access that kind of intel, but who? With the Academy, it's far from obvious to tell who can access sensitive information. They have been always paranoid about that, and they have grown even more paranoid with technological advances like Internet becoming mainstream. We needed to identify at least one and get the keys to the their "kingdom", only then we would know for sure if the Academy was keeping tabs on their former creatures or they were just speculating and hoping for the best.

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May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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