martes, junio 04, 2019

The Hungarian Party Part IV

Three academics, exactly one for each other. We had their names and we knew where to find them. They were in different parts of the castle, so our approach would be a bit more discreet. The three of us entering the same room and talking with three member of that devilish organization would raise suspicions. One of us, would too, but far less. We were on enemy's land, and even under the protection of a Goddess, we had to be careful, not just with the usual academics but with their nefarious allies too. The decaying and corrupt Academy has made all sort of alliances throughout History following the commands of their true Masters, whose identity and location is their best guarded secret. So we decided to go one by one to meet the members of the list, trying not to attract unwanted attention. Mine was the first turn and the person assigned to me was Dilshad Roshan Abbasi, an aristocrat very proud of his persian heritage.

Ready for action!

After dancing a bit with my amazing allies, I went towards the room where the persian aristocrat was waiting, picking up a glass of wine and some food on the way, partying like everyone else. Dilshad Roshan Abbasi was in one of the many libraries of the castle, this one devoted to his ancestors. But he wasn't looking at books when I arrived but to two women dancing, dressed in "classic" dresses, and he seemed very happy. As soon as I approached him, he invited me to sit next to him. He said he was expecting me. A Goddess had told him about me. The funny thing is that first I had to go through a myriad of questions about Goddess Hiliana. She had made a huge impression on him and wanted to show her his devotion. I held on tight and answered as good as I could, knowing my patience would eventually pay off. And it did. The Academy has been tracking their "lost" experiments, the psychic mutants, and they know that their leader wants to expand their abilities to their fullest. The Academy thinks that they chose the dark side of the moon so they can be free from the many signals we send to space from Earth. That's the same reason they hacked the Chinese probe, to control when they communicate with Earth. That way, the four of them can open freely their minds without getting bombarded unceasingly with all kind of messages, as the flood of spam and clickbait that makes a big part of Internet these days. But he wasn't sure about what their partners in crime could expect from their alliance. He thought that Elysium was more of a band of criminals while the mutants were about world conquer. The academic was showing the classic short sightedness of his type. Elysium promises to bring the Singularity to their members, maybe they see the mutants as the tool to get it. Or just as a tool to fool their ranks into thinking they have achieved it.

That was all I could get from this fine gentlemen, who then talked at length about his family, and more interestingly introduced me to the women who had been dancing so well. Let's see what the other names of the list have to tell.

To be continued...

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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