miércoles, junio 12, 2019

The Hungarian Party Part V

The second name of the list was Ji Yi and it was the turn of my dear friend and ally Zirconia Starfighter to get intel from the Academy. This mysterious academic was dancing in a ballroom to the music of a band. Ji Yi wore a mask with a permanent smile on it and big eyes. It was black and white, like the suit. You couldn't tell the gender or sex or almost anything. One could even wonder if it was a human being. The voice felt unnatural, like someone using an organ they were not accustomed to. It was very creepy and unnerving. Not for the faint of the heart. Good thing, our ally is a fierce cyberwarrior determined to fulfill her mission.

The amazing Zirconia Starfighter

It wasn't easy to obtain information from Ji Yi about the Moon and our mutual enemies, but no because he didn't want to share it. Actually he was eager to do so after talking and mostly listening and kneeling before the Mighty Goddess Hiliana. What made it hard was the way the academic talked. It sounded like riddles and codes that didn't seem to make much sense. It took a lot of effort and patience to figure out what Ji Yi was talking about. It seems the dark side of the Moon has some secrets. One of them is buried underneath the South Pole of the Moon, mostly in its dark side. A huge metallic object, thought to be a meteorite, five times as big as Hawaii, that crashed on the Moon 4 billion years ago. According to Ji Yi, our enemies are very interested in it, and the Academy thinks they are trying to tap into it using the mind powers of the mutants. I don't think it's a meteorite, but a spaceship, and that they are trying to awaken it. Just one name of the list left. What will he or she have to offer?

To be continued.

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