viernes, diciembre 13, 2019

Happy Birthday Zirconia Starfighter!

The amazing Zirconia Starfighter

Friday 13th can be an ominous date for many people. A entire terror franchise has been built upon that date, but today for us first and foremost is Zirconia Starfighter birthday, a day for celebration, not to be worried. Today we can forget about our troubles and have fun, wishing the best to our awesome Greek friend and ally. An amazing woman with many talents, who fights alongside us against the many enemies of humanity. Once more, Happy Birthday Zirconia Starfighter!!! Make this an unforgettable day.

Behold her power!

You can follow and support our friend, ally and muse Zirconia Starfighter in the following links, and don't forget to wish her a Very Happy Birthday!:

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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