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The mystery of the cursed house Part IV

The Mighty Goddess Hiliana followed the servant in the silver armour through a maze of corridors and stairs, all of them with corpses that ranged from humans to all sort of bizarre creatures. But that wasn't the most disturbing thing, the house seemed to be alive, and undergoing constant changes. We couldn't track them against an old copy of the blueprints of the building we digged up from a public library. The corridors and the stairs didn't seem to fit in what we knew about the place, it felt like the Overlook hotel from the classic movie The Shining, an impossible place.

The Mighty Goddess Hiliana

After a while, the man in the shining armour pushed a big red door and they entered into a big empty room, with heavily decorated chandeliers, that gave it a very surreal aspect, illuminating it with vastly different colours. The man pointed with his sword at the center of the room, that was covered by a red carpet. As soon as they were ready, the duel began. To be honest, none of us had seen anything like this. Our friend in a duel was something extraordinary we hadn't expected to see. It didn't disappoint. It was a battle for the ages. Unlike the pseudo wolf, this one was clearly a knight with honour and fighting skills. Plus there was a mutual respect. They didn't dra out the combat on purpose. It lasted as long as it had to, and we weren't as sure about the result as we'd like to be, specially when, for our shock, the knight cut our friend on her right arm. They hurt each other several times, because they knew where to strike. There is not an armour without vulnerable points or magic that protects you from any harm. Everything has some flaw that you can exploit. We were tempted to use our drone to help her, but we didn't as it would have been an insult to both of them. We took the right choice, and it paid off, as a bit after that our ally came up the winner, with the servant disarmed, injured but alive.

  • What's your name and who do you serve?
  • You've won fairly so it's time for me to answer your questions. My name is Sir Brodie Mervyn Elwyn and I serve the High Priest Urien Uthyr. You must know that my Master is here to uncover the secrets of this place...

And he froze. Like something or someone had put him in pause. Then we saw it, a shadow that emerged from one wall. Humanoid with a big spiky head and six arms with claws.

  • If you want to find out the Truth about this place, you will have to do it on your own, no cheating. Maybe you could even find Sir Jaycob Morley, if that's what you really want.

Before our friend could talk, the shadow vanished, leaving us with new questions and one hope, that Sir Jaycob Morley was still alive.

To be continued...

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