jueves, abril 09, 2020

Masuimi Max vs The Aberration

The massive purple creature known as The Aberration looked first at us, growling, and then focused its three ayes on our ally, its opponent, the amazing Masuimi Max. Its big arms were in position and it was obvious they could pack a heavy punch. The tentacles were thin and looked more like living ropes, they seems to have a life of their own as they moved freely. It took a while to understand their true purpose as a yellowish fog started to fill the room, making everything blurry. Luckily for us, we had already cleared the room and were watching from a safe distance. We asked our friend if she needed anything, but she said she had it under control. The growing reddish glow from her back was reassuring. The dragons would nullify anything that creepy fog could throw at her. The Aberration seemed disappointed with the non reaction of her adversary, but it reacted quickly as it charged like a possessed truck.

It was a brutal fight. The fists of the monster clashed with the twin dragons, the secret weapon of Masuimi Max, who had created a bubble of pure fire around her. Only their heads and necks ventured outside the bubble. But that doesn't mean our friend wasn't feeling the rage of The Aberration. Every time it hit the bubble, sound waves entered it, transmitting part of its energy to our ally. But she wasn't relegated to a defensive stand, as her dragon were burning and biting the creature, taking advantage of its bizarre nature. As we had mentioned in the previous post, it looked like a work in progress and it showed in the fight. It had all the necessary parts to live but they weren't fully integrated, so it was relatively easy to shut down the communication between entire parts of its body. This makes it sound a far easier fight than it really was. It wasn't. Blood, sweat and tears. Paraphrasing the late Winston Churchill, Masuimi Max had to give all of that to win, and even her flames couldn't destroy the monster. When The Aberration had lost half its tentacles, and could hardly control one arm at a time, with its internal organs shutting down unable to cope with the extreme heat, its survival instinct kicked in with a vengeance. It launched a last attack with everything it could gather throwing Masuimi Max flying to the other extreme of the room and ran away, leaving a glowing purple path made of parts of his body, that was melting away, as an icecream left on the road in a Summer day.

So we have won, a victory for the good guys it is, but at what price? Masuimi Max, one of our finest warriors, is in a stasis chamber right now, recovering from this grueling fight, and we know that this was just our first round with The Aberration. I am pretty sure its masters and figuring out how to improved it.

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