lunes, abril 06, 2020

The attack of the Aberration!!!

We know that the immense power of the Atom can unleash all sort of nightmares in the world. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki put and end to World War II with images that called back vividly to catastrophes only seen in Mythology and Religion. Godzilla is the main icon of the disasters caused by radiation. But so much time has passed since them, that we have become used to this threat to the point of treating it like another element of our lives, or even forgetting about it. We had a rude encounter with it a couple of days ago in this Nuclear Power Plant we have been confined, fighting with the true puppet masters of this World Crisis. We were aware that this mutant psychics were using the radiation produced by the Power Plant for their nefarious needs but we thought their only goal was to create new strands of COVID-19, we never thought that they were conducting other kind of experiments. So imagine our surprise where we were attacked by one of them.

The fabulous Masuimi Max getting ready to fight

The creature tore down an armored door as if it was nothing more than a nuisance, a small one at that. Its arrival was preceded by a weird noise, that we soon found out came from its weirdly shaped mouth, where irregular teeth of all size tried to fit it. It was purple, massive and it glowed. It had two big arms and tentacles coming from all parts of his body. Three big eyes completed his admittedly ugly face. Overall, it looked more like the work in progress of a sculptor that a living being. It was an Aberration. Lucky for us, we are more than ready to face such things. This time, it was the amazing cyber warrior and woman of many talents Masuimi Max who faced the Aberration, as we cleared the room so she could maneuver freely, without fear of causing collateral damage. We too were looking at our Geiger counters, the tool everyone need in such a place. Masuimi Max vs the Aberration, I could picture it as classic B-movie poster and we were about to witness it. The dragons on her back were starting to wake up, as they are not simple tattoos. You must know it by now as you have seen her use that special ability in a comic book illustrated by the great Conrado "Entiman" Martín, but you will have to wait for the next chapter to see her unleash them once more.

To be continued...

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