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The mystery of the cursed house Part VII

Welcome to the last chapter of this encativating story, last time we ended in a climatic moment, where our heroine, The Mighty Goddess Hiliana had finally found Sir Jaycob Morley, the reason she had entered the so called cursed house. But there was still stuff to do, as a battle raged on in the room, with six very powerful individuals trying to obtain control over the place, ignoring its rightful owner's demands. The Goddess didn't like one bit what she was seeing, and she knew one of them, the High Priest Urien Uthyr had turned the brave Sir Brodie Mervyn Elwyn into a living statue. Although she had also saw his shadow, it was easy to tell wich him apart from the others. Seeing him made her even angrier.

  • ¡Listen you fools!, don't you realize you are only making things worse?
  • BWAHAHAHA, laughed maniacally High Priest Urien Uthyr, what makes you thinks that's not exactly our intention? It's mine for sure
  • Stop this madness, my house is ill, an extradimensional incursion has left in shambles and your irrational attacks won't ler her heal!, the voice of Sir Jaycob Morley broke down
  • Her?, I knew, this house is not just a building but also the recipient of your departed wife, isn't it? That's why we can feel a human conscience inside it, but her exposure to extradimensional being and energies has been to much for her to handle.- The High Priest was enjoying every moment.
  • You used your wife to explore the Multiverse, didn't you figure that the Multiverse would look back? - Said with many voices the creature made of cubes and Morley couldn't come up with an answer.

Our friend felt the pain of the man she had come to rescue, and the pain of the living house. She despised the intruders who were hurting the house to access the extradimensional beings that had infected her. As the High Priest said, they were trying to make things worse, so the infection would grow more and more, blind to the fact that it wouldn't stop with that building, or even our planet. Greed was clouding their judgement. One couldn't expect much conscience from the power hungry individuals, but one could at last hope they would want to stay alive to enjoy their newly acquired power. Aware that they would only come to senses when it would be too late, the Mighty Goddess Hiliana took an action that no one in the room expected. She called for help. Not to us, but to another Goddess, one very close to Humanity as a whole, our Mother, the wise Isis. She appeared in the room as a vision, with her blue hair and her Delos Expedition outfit attracting everyone's attention. They talked in Ancient Greek, and then Isis informed the six invaders that they had exactly one hour to leave the premises or one of her finest warriors would end their insane attack once and for all. We can make a pretty good guess on which one she was refering to. Then she said that they better not bother her friend, Goddess Hiliana, as she didn't think they were worthy her time. She didn't need to say it twice as they dissappeared one by one, until there were only three people in the room and the battle was over.

Isis was the next to go. Sir Jaycob Morley kneeled before our ally and thanked her for saving both his house and his life. She asked to take care of the house better and look after Sir Brodie Mervyn Elwyn if he was still around. Then, she left. The building was back to a state closer to normality so the way out was far easier than it had been the way in. And thus the case of the cursed house ended with a victory for the forces of Good.

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