domingo, febrero 07, 2021

Happy anniversary, Planeta Inquietante

I remember my dear friend from Spain Adolfo Rodríguez Taboada since long time ago (starting from MySpace if I am not mistaken, otherwise for sure like 15 years ago, since 2007 or 2008 from Facebook). I lost many Facebook accounts (11 as a total) so that doesn't help me much in clearing up my memory. Adolfo embraced my art & ideas since my early years and always had a "catching eye" in his descriptions and opinions. He believed in me and supported me like nobody else. Through these years his sci-fi blog Planeta Inquietante featured me numerous times and put a smile on my face. And if you would notice all stories on his blog were always descriptive and mesmerising.

The years were passing and he suprprised me one day by asking me politely to be drawn as a comic heroine and offering me like this the opportunity to become a comic book heroine like the ones I admired during my childhood. People like Adolfo are so rare in our days. Somebody who is such a giver in this life deserves nothing but the best. I knew he was in touch with a huge variety of artists but, comic creators and designers were always a personal favorite of mine as I was reading too many comics as a teenager. Adolfo grows bigger and bigger as the time passes because of his imagination and love for what he is doing. When the comic books of the so called Area 51 and Androide Paranoide came to my hands I was nothing but grateful to him (and Gustavo Rubio as well who drew me)!

I met some amazing people through Adolfo so, I'd like to thank Gwen Marsters for mentioning me in her anniversary post about our amazing friend's blog. Another fact about Adolfo is that he is the one who gave me a boost to create my Patreon Page. I am still at the beggining of the whole thing but he was there for me from the start till today. He inspired me and motivated me through these difficult times and believe it or not, if it was not him I wouldn't make it at all. It was my most creative step during quarantine and Covid-19 times that, not also helped me stay creative but also offered me some little kind of income as well. Even this small amount is so significant and helpful during these times and gives me a way of escape and feeling of appreciation as well.

Today I want to celebrate the 15 years of Planeta Inquietante but mostly, my deep and true love and appreciation to my fabulous Spanish friend who gave me essential help and power to continue what I am doing during good and hard times as well. Because that's what friends are like. I really don't know how I could return all his kindness and good will back because they're out of this world, like Adolfo himself. I wish you a lot of success, health, money and love in your life. Because without support, love and passion for what we want and what we do, then we have nothing. I wish you all the best for this anniversary and for your whole life too and that you get back double everything you give in this life!

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