martes, febrero 02, 2021

15 years of Planeta Inquietante

Though I haven't been here since the beginning, as I joined this crazy ongoing adventure back in 2010 when I was a freelance agent and wanted to keep being so, I have been a part of Planeta Inquietante for most of its run. I have met all sort of people here, from Gods to petty criminals. As a hacker and technomage, I had seen all sort of things, as you may know if you are at least a bit familiar with my "origin story", but becoming an ally of Patrick Von Steiner brought everything to a new level. Suddenly, I was fighting for Humanity's fate, dealing with alien invasions and inner conspiracies against our freedom. It made my life more exciting and unpredictable, and I grew closer to my amazing groups of hackers, who I consider friends and allies, people you know very well such as Zirconia Starfighter, Masuimi Max or Alice. You may have read some of our stories in comic book form, drawn by amazing artists as Ángel Bernuy and Conrado Entiman Martín.

Technomage and hacker Gwen Marsters

I felt appropriate to use this picture from Thanksgiving to cellebrate the anniversary of Planeta Inquietante. I feel this anniversary is a moment to think about all the good that has come from this blog and all the people who have kept it alive and thriving, even when that was not their goal as it was clearly the case when Sir Edward Holst took control of it. I invite you to comment what you want to celebrate, be a person, a post or a story. To me, my first adventure with the brave cowgirl Samantha Carter holds a very special place. As they say, you don't forget your first time, and even more in this line of business. I look forward to the new challenges and to beat the ones we are currently facing now, especially this awful pandemic.

Happy birthday, Planeta Inquietante!

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!, Gwen Marsters

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