domingo, marzo 10, 2024

Fear not, I am free!

Despite the outrageous allegations of the members of the The High Table of Wisdom, that you know of more appropriately as The Upstars, I am very much a free man and it is my intention to keep it that way. I feel very sorry for three innocents who have been kidnapped by these morons and I will do my best to return them to their homes. I thought that their experience with their cheap knock off of the Philosopher's Stone would force them to grow up but it seems I overestimated their intelligence. Not the first time I have that particular problem with members of the Academy. It's specially sad to see how Rising Phoenix lured the cyber warrior Alice in the most romantic day of the year just to show off. I know what they think, that I am their prisoner. They even play with the absurd idea that all three are me. This is how see me in their sick simple minds.

They are very wrong. Those three individuals have no meaningful relationship with me, and I won't risk their lives feeding their delusions. You got the wrong guys! The best thing you could do was call it day and let them go. Now I am asking, next time I won't be so polite. I had your sad and miserable lives in my hands and I let you live. You could have died that day. Instead, you got powers and a new shot at life. You won't get another. Not from me. This is not a casual threat. It's a fact.

Yours truly, the real Augustus Severinus Píngolas

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