martes, marzo 19, 2024

Keep calm and celebrate Sakura Miyawaki's birthday

Hello, my dear friends, I know my unexpected post in this illustrious blog has not just shocked but worried you. You have reason to be. Three innocents are in the hand of a bunch of idiots who have powers beyond their, to be frank, limited comprehension. They feel all mighty right now, but they are not invincible. I hurt their egos and they are hell bent on making me pay for ruining their special day. But I can assure that I will handle this. The prisoners will be released and their captors will receive a very much needed lesson. So stay calm, and celebrate Sakura Miyawaki's birthday.

Sakura Miyawaki is a brilliant idol who has managed to be thus far in four amazing groups: HKT48, AKB48, IZ*ONE and Le Sserafim. But that's not all, as the challenger of the unknown Patrick Von Steiner pointed out, she is well aware of the inmense power of Pop Culture and how it can avoid the censorship of the evil Academy. Teasers, trailers, music videos... Everything has hidden messages that only those initiated into the authentic history of Humanity can notice and hope to understand. She is an ally and a force for Good. That's why we must celebrate her birthday.

You should follow and support superstar Sakura Miyawaki in the following links:

Yours truly, the real Augustus Severinus Píngolas

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