domingo, mayo 19, 2024


Augustus Severinus Píngolas, you are filthy liar. You make the most corrupt politicians on Earth look honest next to you. Now your new conspiracy theory is that we or to be more precise, our obssession with you, made the homunculus who are now our guests, and that you have no relation at all with them. That they look like you because we were thinking of you when they came into being. NO, that's a LIE. And I won't stand idle while you paint us as morons in the blog of the fair cyberwarrior Alice and her shameless allies. Not when I showed the homunculus to her before we were aware of their true nature.

One of the most beautiful women in the entire universe

We won't stop until we uncover your relation to this homunculus, we know you are behind them and we are pretty sure that they have a part of you deep inside them. Once we dig enough to reach it, you shall know our vengeance. Then I shall invite the magnificen Goddess Alice to witness Justice being served and I will offer her a place next to me. I can't understand how she tolerates working or even talking with that petty criminal. Patrick Von Steiner is a joke even bigger than his Master. It's not suprise how easy he falls for the lies of the so called Master of disguise. Alice, don't listen to his lies! You will get a thousand roses and the finest caviar very soon to make the wait more tolerable. You don't have to share it with those idiots you call your allies, but that's up to you.

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Rising Phoenix
The Academy will prevail!

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