jueves, mayo 09, 2024

No need to be worried

I know how worried and confused you have been since the revelation offered by the Upstarts about they allegedly found out during the solar eclipse. I took it seriously because I respect you and your hard work, that's why I wanted to be sure before giving you the answers that you deserved.I was worried too. Until this stuff about the prisoners being homunculus I thought that these morons with powers had captured innocent people that somehow resembled me or their idea of me. Turns out I was wrong. So much wrong.

I have my own ways to know what is going on inside the Upstarts bases and I know that the prisoners are indeed homunculus. But that's where their so called Truth ends. I have nothing to do with them. They are the result of the Upstart's unhealthy obsession with me. The parts of the Philisopher's Stone that are inside them felt their need to capture me and gave their Masters what they wished for. 3 versions of me. 3 copies that are too confused to even pretend to be me. They are not real. So I don't need to bother rescuing them. I have no relation at all with them. The Upstarts are wasting their time, which is their modus operandi, right? I think you shouldn't imitate them. You have better things to do, like celebrating that the amazing Nana Okada has resumed her activities. She needs more your support than the creations of the Upstarts. They will go away eventually, unlike the hatred that runs the hearts and minds of our enemies.

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Yours truly, the real Augustus Severinus Píngolas

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