lunes, julio 25, 2016

Allies to save the World! Zirconia Starfighter and Goddess Hiliana

The Worlds is always in need of protectors, natural and artificial menaces are lurking from the shadows, waiting for the right time. We are now facing the new plan of the evil Academy. Mass production of mindless workers and powerful psychic creatures that will control them. Another step to get rid of most of humanity by making us unnecessary to keep the comfort and wealth of the 1%. To fight and stop this, we need strong and brave allies. We are very proud to count Zirconia Starfighter and Goddess Hiliana among them.

Zirconia Starfighter and Goddess Hiliana

If you are not familiar with them, something surprising if you are a reader of this blog, I invite to check the recent interviews we did with Zirconia Starfighter and Goddess Hiliana. Living in one of the main places of birth of our civilization, gives them a privileged point of view of what's happening on Earth, the multiple Crisis we are dealing with.

Zirconia Starfighter

Zirconia Starfighter is an amazing warrior and a brilliant hacker who works with other talented and very familiar technomages such as Gwen Marsters and Masuimi Max. Together, they make a lot of good deeds, that quite often include helping us providing important information or fighting alongside us. She gives us hope in the future.

You can follow and support Zirconia Starfighter in the following links:

Goddess Hiliana

Goddess Hiliana makes her title justice. She is a Wise and Mighty Goddess who obtains Truth from even the greatest liar. No one can keep secret from her, but she only uses her power for Good and doesn't exploit like the member of the Evil Academy would. She also offers safe haven for people who must leave their homes, escaping tyrants, criminals... It's great to count with her on our side.

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May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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