sábado, noviembre 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Goddess Hiliana!

Behold the Mighty Goddess Hiliana!

Today is a very special day for this journal, as it's Goddess Hiliana's birthday. She is one of our best and more trustable allies. She brings much needed hope in time of change and doubt, so we must celebrate her friendship in this day. No matter what else we have on our usually busy agendas, we can and must clear enough time to wish her a Very Happy Birthday and share her awesome work. Her iconic looks make her a major reference in Pop Culture and inspire us to be creative, to be the best version of ourselves, that's another big reason to share her pictures and videos. Goddess, ally and muse. Hiliana is all that at the same time.

A brand new video showcasing two looks of our Goddess.

We send her our best wishes and and a big hug from this corner of Spain, where we fight the good fight against humanity's enemies. Knowing that she's got our backs inspires us to keep going. Long live and prosper, Goddess Hiliana! Make every year more magnificent that the previous one.

Kneel before the Goddess!

You can follow and support Goddess Hiliana in the following links:

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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