domingo, diciembre 13, 2020

Happy Birthday Zirconia Starfighter!

This is a very special day in our humble blog, it's the birthday of one of our dearest allies and friends, the amazing cyber warrior Zirconia Starfighter. She has been a beacon of hope during this hard year. Her Patreon felt like a window into another world, one without COVID-19, specially during the hardest parts of the dreaded but necessary lockdown. It's sad to see that the lockdown is returning to some countries, like her home Greece, in order to avoid the third wave of this despicable virus. It makes us feel all the effort during this year was in vain, but we must not lose hope. Vaccines are on their way, and the many enemies of Humanity are not on vacation. We still don't know if they are meddling with the monoliths, but we are pretty sure we can count with Zirconia Starfighter to find the Truth and make sure the monolith aren't used for Evil. Let's wish her a Very Happy Birthday! Send her your best wishes! Don't let 2020 ruin her day.

You can follow and support the amazing Zirconia Starfighter in the following links, you can also hire her as graphic designer:

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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