lunes, marzo 13, 2023

Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank collapse

As our friend, the famous challenger of the unknow Patrick Von Steiner said, I am on watch duty and I am pretty sure I will have my hands full. Thankfully, our enemies love to spend their time on luxurious resorts where they can eat and drink while plotting their nefarious schemes. That makes spying on them a much nicer experience than having to sneak in the classic "abandoned" factories and warehouses. Our friends have barely started their new mission and we have already the first move of our enemies.

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank hides a feroucious battle between the corrupt and decadent Academy and the criminal network of hackers known as Elysium. Silicon Valley Bank is located in California and their main clients are startups and entrepreneur. That fits the profile of the Elysium members to a T. Taking down that bank, without any care about the consequences fits the brutal and cruel modus operandi of the Academy to a t too. We are talking hundreds of billions of dollars here. Many people and companies affected, to the point that the very president of the USA talked about this, pointing out that the client's money is safe, but the investors will have to face the losses. The thing is banks work on trust, the moment they lose this, their client withdraw their money and it goes all to Hell. Elysium will no doubtly survive this, but their activities will be severely affected for a while. Meanwhile, some people at the Academy will be getting a promotion very soon. I just hope this won't cause a financiary crisis. We are dealing with enough crisis as it is.

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