miércoles, diciembre 13, 2023

Happy Birthday Zirconia Starfighter!

What makes great a country is their people, they are the ones who create the buildings, the art, the gastronomy, the legends... all that makes a country to be known and ocupy a place in History. Greece has been a very lucky nation. It's home to some of the wisest people that have ever walked in this planet. They shaped our civilization. But, despite what the deeply corrupt Academy wants us to think, Greece better days are not long gone. There are still exceptional people living there now. A fine example is our dear friend and ally Zirconia Starfighter. For us she is brave cyber warrior, but she is also a go go dancer, a graphic designer, a model... Today it's her birthday, and we celebrate it. For us, the festivities really start today. Happy birthday, Zirconia Starfighter! Have an fantastic day!

You can follow and support the amazing Zirconia Starfighter in the following links, you can also hire her as graphic designer:

May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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