domingo, diciembre 03, 2023

Rising Phoenix lives!

The rumors about the survival of the inner group of the Upstarts have finally been confirmed. They have been spotted by reliable sources all over the world. They have changed since the party. They have recovered some of their human features since them, so they look like hybrids now. Not the humans they were before their Philoshopher's Stone changed but not the creatures they were after. They seem to be getting used to their new status. They pop in a place, the fly or run and then they pop out. They don't talk, at least they don't produce anything that sounds like words. To the people that get to see them is just another UFO sigthing.

As you may guess, we have been tracking one of them with more interest. Rising Phoenix had a major crush in our friend and ally Alice, so we felt that she deserved to know if her frenemy was alive or the traumatic transformation and transportation to who knows where had ended her life. Her latest appearance was in the uninhabited island of Manuae in the Pacific Ocean. The display of her new body, producing flames that match the lengendary bird she is named after, attracted the attention of many satellites. That's how we know that she's become a majestic human bird that can fly and create fire, fire she used to draw a single word in the sand by turning it into glass. I'll give you a moment to guess it. Ready?...Alice. I have the feeling, their paths will cross again soon.

¡Por Isis!

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