viernes, diciembre 29, 2023

Rising Phoenix visits Alice!

2023 may be nearing its end, but it still has some surprises left. We knew that the Upstarts were not just alive but getting used to their new bodies and that Rising Phoenix had written our friend's name on a beach but we didn't know when or how she would approach her. Some wondered if the upstart had reatained enough of her humanity to plan a meeting with our ally. Turns out they lost their human minds for a while, unable to control their bodies they wandered in and out of Earth, without any goal, changing again and again. It took them a lot to settle on a shape. Only then, their minds "woke up". We know all this, because Rising Phoenix told Alice while having dinner in a fancy restaurant in an exclusive Greek island.

The invitation was delivered by a minion of the Academy in a perfumed hadnwritten letter. Just think of all the time and effort that took our enemy to re-learn to write with her new hands. Alice answered using the same system. When the day arrived, she was picked by another minion in a luxury car. The car took her to a helicopter, that took her to the place where the meeting would take place. Our ally looked irresistible, excalty as in the picture above. Rising Phoenix wore a green dress. She looked more human than the time she wrote her name, but her hair looked like made of flames. She seemed nervous and excited to be with our ally once again. But not everything was fun and games, as she ended stating their intention to hunt Severinus Augustus Píngolas to put him into a cage for all eternity, after stripping him of his uncanny habilities. Before she flew off, she said that she had to be careful with the people she loved, as she was worried that the man who ruined their plans would target them to inflict them even more pain. Alice had no chance to ask why she was telling her that. The upstart just gave her a kiss and went away as the legendary bird she is named after. This is going to be interesting.

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May the wise Isis guide and protect you!

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